• Prophetic Maturation As my wife, Caryl, and I have been involved in prophetic ministry and prophetic mentoring since

    Prophetic Maturation
  • My focus in writing this book is to go boldly where few have gone before and address the subject of pastoring the prophetic. The landscape is full of wounded prophetic people who can’t relate to others and don’t have healthy relationships with their pastors.

    Pastoring the Prophetic
  • For the last few years, we’ve started each year by communicating to our friends and supporters what God is highlighting for the New Year. We value your friendship and want to keep you up to date with where we are headed this year, 2017.

    2017 Vision Casting
  • I write this book out of my own journey of learning to hear God’s voice and understand prophetic ministry. I firmly believe that learning to hear Him begins with recognizing when and how He speaks.

  • In 2008, the Lord spoke to me saying, “Prophetic mentoring is one of the best ideas I ever gave you.”

    Looking For A Prophetic Mentor?
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