• Sozo Ministry in Kansas City You might have heard the word “sozo” before and wasn’t quite sure what

  • Have you ever met someone for the very first time and just knew you were going to be friends with them? Has God ever brought people into your life that were full of God’s love?

    Ernest and Anna Gentile
  • ¡TODOS NECESITAMOS A UN “ZABUD” EN NUESTRAS VIDAS! La mayoría de ustedes probablemente estén familiarizados con el Rey

  • Most of you are probably famaliar with King Solomon. We was a king who knew that he needed help ruling over the people. Do you know who Zabud is? His name is barely mentioned in the bible but he played an enormously important role in the life of King Solomon.

    We all need a “Zabud” in our lives!
  •   Hasta ahora, este libro te ha hablado acerca de la profecía y el ministerio profético. Es apropiado

    Mi palabra para ustedes
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