Ernest and Anna Gentile

Ernest and Anna Gentile

Have you ever met someone for the very first time and just knew you were going to be friends with them? Has God ever brought people into your life that were full of God’s love? I’m excited to share a story with you that just took place last weekend. Let me explain!

This past week I had the honor and privilege of traveling to New Mexico to meet Ernest and Anna Gentile for the very first time. Meeting them both far exceeded my expectations. Ernest was kind enough to write me a recommendation for our newest book, Simplify the Prophetic.

What makes this trip to New Mexico and my meeting them so remarkable was when I reached out to Ernest last year, even though he did not know me, he agreed to write a recommendation for me. I thought my request by this man of God would be met with a resounding “no” or “I’m too busy to read your manuscript” or “I don’t know you.”  I was more than pleasantly surprised when he called me on the phone to tell me how excited he was to be able to read my manuscript and then write a recommendation for me. I was shocked by his response.

The love and kindness that Ernest showed me this past weekend when I met him was beyond words. Meeting his wife, Anna, was an added bonus. Both of them are so full of the love of God. I spent one evening having dinner with them and I asked Ernest many questions about propetic ministry. Then I returned the next day to have breakfast with them. Ernest shared decades of experience he had in prophetic ministry with me. He was so kind in answering all of my questions. I feel as if I received so many insights from Ernest on a variety of topics.

For those of you who don’t know, Ernest Gentile is a prophet and a writer. He’s a mighty man of God who has lived a life serving the body of Christ as a pastor and prophet. He has decades of experience with prophetic ministry. I had the wonderful opportunity to ask him so many questions. I learned so much. Ernest and Anna co-pastor “The Church on the Hill.” Here’s a link to their church in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.



What did I learn from my trip? God’s love is meant to be given away! Ernest and Anna invited a stranger into their home for two days and poured out God’s love on me. The impact of this trip will live on forever. My new priority is to share God’s love with each person I meet. Who do you need to share God’s love with? Blessings.

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