What I Wish Pastor’s Knew About Prophets!

What I Wish Pastor’s Knew About Prophets!

What I Wish Pastor’s Knew About Prophets!

My newest writing project is coming along as scheduled. I’ve been working on this since the beginning of 2017. When it is completed, this will be sold on Amazon as an e-book along with our other books.

Here is a glimpse of what I’m writing about. Please keep us in your prayers as I finish this writing project.

After being involved in prophetic ministry and mentoring for the last twenty-four years, I believe this e-book will be helpful to pastors and prophets. I’m writing from my experiences of talking with pastors who are frustrated with those in prophetic ministry and do not think highly of certain prophets. I’ve also talked with pastors who enjoyed prophetic ministry but did not know how to properly pastor those in their own congregations who were prophetic.

I’ve also talked with young prophets who are maturing in their gifting as well as seasoned prophets and the stories they tell me how certain pastors have not treated them properly. I’ve listened to both pastors and prophets. I’ve heard it all. I’ve seen and heard the good, the bad and the ugly! Believe me, there’s plenty of blame to throw around.

I want to look towards a future where pastors can understand prophets better and vice verse. Perhaps this small e-book is a step in that direction.

One of my goals is to generate healthy conversations between pastors and prophets. Sections of this e-book will be about generalizations I’m going to make about prophets. I’m going to make some stereotypes in order to make my point. Sometimes, I’ll be using humor to make my points about pastors and prophets.

Below I’ve listed some of the topics I’ll be writing about.

Prophets can be quirky

We’re not always as confident as we appear

Prophets are not really trying to upstage his/her pastor

Prophets want to be pastored

We enjoy affirmation too

Don’t confuse my weak prophecy with false prophecy

God doesn’t anointed us all the time



  1. Lantz says:

    Good work brother ! Keep it up