Who Needs A Prophetic Mentor?

Who Needs A Prophetic Mentor?

Prophetic Mentoring

In 2008, the Lord spoke to me saying, “Prophetic mentoring is one of the best ideas I ever gave you.” That revelation hit me like a ton of bricks. I had always that that prophetic mentoring was my own idea!

Since 1995, we have been involved in prophetic mentoring and prophetic ministry. We travel to other cities and hold classes on the prophetic and host prophetic mentoring retreats.

If you are interested in attending a prophetic mentoring class or a retreat, please let us know. We currently are looking for more people to host these events. Please consider partnering with us by hosting one.

Visit us at www.praiseworthyministry.com




Prophetic Mentoring Classes
Since 1997, we have been involved in prophetic ministry and prophetic mentoring. Beginning in 2009, we started doing ongoing Prophetic Mentoring classes through out the Midwest. There is a real need for others to be trained and equipped to hear God’s voice. Frankly, we never knew how great the need is for prophetic mentoring. We have seen a growing hunger in others for these classes. If are interested in hosting a mentoring class or would like to attend one, contact us.

Prophetic Mentoring Retreats
In 2009, we felt led to begin leading Prophetic Mentoring Retreats. That year we hosted one in Holland, Michigan and the other in Kansas City, Missouri. Our Prophetic Mentoring Retreats typically last two days (Friday evening and all day Saturday). The time is filled with prophetic activation and impartation. Our retreats can be custom made to fit your unique needs and schedule. These are being planned on an ongoing basis and we want to expand the number of retreats we do in a given year. If you would like to attend or host a retreat, let us know.

Prophetic Conference and Seminars
Please contact us if you would like to invite us to your church or prayer gathering.

Prophetic Coaching
Please inquire: john@praiseworthyministry.com


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