Church on the Hill: Ernest and Anna Gentile

Caryl and I just returned from a ministry trip to New Mexico. We were ministering in Fort Sumner which is about 2 hours outside of Albuquerque. Our friends Anna and Ernest Gentile who pastor Church on the Hill invited us to speak to the congregation. It was so much fun. New Mexico is so scenic.

In chapter 2 of  my book, Simplify the Prophetic, I mention a book called Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy. It’s written by Ernest Gentile. Ever since my book was published, Ernest and I have started a long distance friendship! Ernest is an wise man who has seen a lot taken place in prophetic ministry. He is almost 90 years old and he was so much wisdom on a variety of issues. 
We flew out a few days early and did some sight seeing before driving to Fort Sumner. Caryl and I were well received and the congregation enjoyed my message on “Love.” About 80 people attend Church on the Hill. At the end of the service, I was able to minister to some people who were somewhat new to prophetic ministry. 
On sunday evening, there was another meeting at the church of all the Prayer Team members. I shared and ministered for about 2 hours to 20 people. It was a blessing for Caryl and I to share our story. Caryl spoke at the beginning on my message on sunday morning and did a fantastic job. 

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