I have known John and Caryl since 1994. They have been involved in prophetic ministry for over 16 years and have encouraged many others to discern God’s voice for themselves as they feed daily on the written Word. Their hearts are to serve and mentor people who desire to grow in the prophetic. Part of their calling is to see others launched into hearing God’s voice and to seek out His heart.

Mike Bickle International House of Prayer-Kansas City


Over the years I have had the distinct blessing of networking and giving input into the lives of many emerging leaders. One of the honors I have had is the privilege of knowing and walking with John and Caryl O’Shaughnessy and their lovely family. Their lives are filled with excellence and enduring love. They carry a clear mandate to help nurture others in the very things in which they have been nurtured themselves. I commend them to you and their gentle prophetic ministry.

James W. GollEncounters Networks


John and Caryl are one of those couples Hebrews 13:7 refers to when it says,”Whose faith follow.” You can look at their pathway and find a compass for following Jesus with intimate abandonment. Their story will both inspire and confirm your own journey in Christ.

Bob SorgeOasis House Ministries


Paul instructs all believers to earnestly desire spiritual gifts, especially and preeminently the gift of prophecy. Why prophecy? Because the one who prophesies edifies the church (1 Corinthians 14:1,4). You will be blessed by John’s inspiring and entertaining account of his and Caryl’s journey along the road of learning to prophesy and mentor others.

Dr.Wes AdamsInternational House of Prayer-Kansas City


John O’Shaughnessy presents a compelling case for the need for mentors to call forth and nurture the prophetic spirit in the lives of believers. Through hands-on involvement, John and Caryl have experienced firsthand the joy and delight of growing in their gifting under the watchful eye of spiritual mothers and fathers who have cared the for heart of the individual as much as for the gifting that is resident within.

Wes HallInternational House of Prayer-Kansas City