Artwork by Rachel DelaGardelle

Our Four Mandates – Compassion

As we begin to look ahead into 2013 our hearts are full of thanksgiving. This is the beginning of our 18th year of ministry and we continue to feel called by God to focus our efforts to impact the Body of Christ on many levels. There is urgency in our hearts to engage people from all walks of life. Our daily commitment has never been stronger. In 2011, we want to grow our infrastructure to help facilitate our ministry expansion. In 2010 our ministry doubled and we doubled again in 2011. Our four ministry mandates are: Prophetic Mentoring, Compassion, Shepherding and Understanding the End-Times.  There are many levels of partnership with each of our mandates.

We are experiencing growing pains! This quick ministry expansion has created some practical issues for Caryl and me.  It is actually a wonderful dilemma God has positioned us in. During this tremendous growth period our needs have increased and yet our support has stayed the same.

One of our highest priorities is to steward that which God has entrusted to us. Therefore, we are always praying and asking God to expand our relational network and partner base. We actively pray for divine connections and are blessed when God adds to our partnership team. Each partner is important (2 Corinthian 9:6-15). Would you prayerfully consider your role to help us serve the Body of Christ?

A high percentage of the people we serve do not have the means to support our ministry.